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A recent story…

My story starts with my work. I held a position as a hard-working top-level executive for over a decade. I began working excessively and found that I was losing sleep, unable to relax, rarely in a good mood and began to worry about my health. After a visit to my doctor we decided that sleep was most important and I was prescribed a common sleeping pill to help me sleep better.

    For nearly seven years, about twice monthly, I used my prescription sleep aid. I was sleeping better but concerned about long term use as, at times, I experienced difficulty with recall while using the prescription sleep aid. Returning to my doctor and sharing my side effects about my memory difficulty, he immediately took me off my prescription. Once again, I began to fall back into my old sleeping habits and started to wonder about an alternative.

     Nearly a year later I experienced a back injury.  I received a prescription for strong pain pills and was weary about how long my injury would last and how long I would need to deal with pain. When it comes to medication, I consider myself a minimalist and only take medication if I really need it. I now had deep concerns about long term back pain and a prescription of strong narcotics to treat it.  Losing sleep was also a much larger concern as getting quality sleep was more difficult with an aching back.

     With this in mind I started my research. I wanted to know the best and most natural way to deal with both of the ailments that I had acquired.  I had questions. What has the least side effects, what provides safe relief, what is the most natural way to deal with these issues and what are others doing?  I shortly came across an article that spoke about cannabis, the wonder plant, and how it worked so well for so many people. After extensive research and since it had recently become legal where I live, I decided to give it a try. After trying cannabis several times, I found it to be very effective at treating both my insomnia and my back pain. My only issue was the occasional cannabis hangover.  If I used too much cannabis or used it too late in the evening, the next day I would experience a cannabis hangover.

       I liked being able to use natural cannabis to treat my ailments but wanted to address the occasional cannabis hangover.  I started researching again but this time I researched supplements to help counteract the effects of cannabis hangover. I found dozens of different supplements that appeared to be key but could not find any single product that covered everything I wanted. About this time, I was approached by my good friend and now business partner about a cannabis supplement. He has over 20 years’ experience in the field of supplements, is an accomplished tri-athlete and knows a thing or two about keeping a mind and body in peak condition.

      With my partners extensive experience and knowledge of supplements he began composing a supplement that would help counter act a cannabis hangover. He found that individually, a person would need to take nearly fifteen different supplements to get effective cannabis hangover relief.  Now our mission began. To create a product that completely addressed cannabis hangover symptoms. With hard work, research and my partners extensive knowledge we came up with RELEAF.  SHAZAMM, IT WORKED!  It worked so wonderfully we knew we needed to share it and make it available to everyone. Cannabis users can get relief and LEAVE THE HANGOVER BEHIND.


Published by Humble Recovery Products

Humble Recovery Products empowers people by working to eliminate the negative side effects of cannabis use and help people get the most out of cannabis responsibly, intelligently and successfully.

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